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Essential or Custom.

We like custom work. But we do like standards as well.


It's your choice to go for a customized drum kit with all your special desires for sound and look or an essential kit from our both series that's basically a working horse and mainly reliable for your drumming.

We hope that you like some detailed features of our drums that are shown below.


The Lug.

As we designed the lug in 2004 we had to decide if we go for our own mould or if we establish the lug "open source".


Costwise we went for the second alternative and today the "K-Lug" is one of the worlds´ most used lug by other manufacturers or custom drum builders.

The "toaster" comes as a low mass lug with optimal results concerning

  • weight

  • stability

  • contact surface

and of course look:


The Tom Mounting.

KTH™ Ultimate Mounting

  • Characteristic 

Shows a voluminous sound with full overtones

and sustain 

  • Technical Feature

Our KTH ultimate shows the benefits of a R.I.M. but eliminates its disadvantages: The tom does not move around when you hit it. The fixed rubber buffer at the bottom has no influence on the
sustain  - in fact it's the other way around. The fixation lets the whole KTH system get into vibration and rather increases the sustain. A small knurled screw enables you to control the grade of floating.


The Art of Fixation.

Why we don't like Phillips Screws.

Did you ever ruin the head of a phillips screw? And why there's no safeguard for the screw at all? It's no fun if a screw loosens when you play in a gig or in studio..

We had to go another way - we use an optimal fixing solution based on a screw with hexagon socket and in addition a serrated, a metal and a polyamide washer.

These components are assembled with a fixed moment of force.


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