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With arctic series we entered the market of drums in 2006 after being fed up with undefined and poor drumsound.

Today arctic series is the reference in many recording studios for precise, flexible and powerful sound. The highest level and most expensive of PMMA (casted acrylic) manufactured in an self-invented process make these precious shells unique.

Advantages against Wood



Bearing Edges

If you cut into PMMA material you'll get 100% exact bearing edges that lead to a perfect overlay of the drumhead. Wooden bearing edges often show small tolerances which lead to imperfections more often and effect inconsistencies in sound. 
Because of the perfect bearing edge you're able to tune your drum more efficient.



With its precise bearing edges arctic series drums are incredibly easy to tune and hold this tune much more longer than wooden drums. Once tuned you'll achieve different sounds with only a few little turns on some tension rods and you're in a lower or higher pitch. 

Beside that acrylic shells react much more sensitive to different head types and show a quick change.


Power & Control

Arctic shells are a real killer if you're into powerful sound which is precise and shows clarity at the same time.

To give you an idea:

A FT 14x12 arctic has nearly the same power than a maple FT 16x16.

As a very nice side effect you can go madly deep in tune - a wooden drum with the same tune would sound awfully cause it can't project this tune without showing bad overtones.

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